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The Importance of a Brandable Domain Name

Article by Pierre Zarokian.

If you are starting a new website than the first thing you will be doing, after coming up with an idea, is registering a domain name. This step is usually given a lot less thought than the general idea, the design, or the promotion. However, choosing the proper domain name is an equally important step, especially since you will be building your graphics the name of your entire website around it. The most important thing to think about when selecting a domain name is its brandability. this article will provide you with an overview of the importance of a brandable domain and help you to understand why this is something that deserves more of your time and effort.

A brandable domain name is essential for a number of reason. The largest is that many people to not use bookmarks very often at all. Having a brandable domain name is the surest way you have to help your viewer remember your domain name so that they can return at a later day. Nearly every kind of website relies heavily on repeat traffic, if you want your visitors to come back then you need to pick out a brandable domain name that they can easily remember. Generally speaking you should try to keep your domain name to under 8 characters and stick to letters whenever possible. The only letters that I recommend using are ones that are used to be read allowed, such as using 4 for the word for(i.e. tickets4cheap.com). This helps to ensure that your visitors have better odds of remembering what your domain name is and returning.

Another important reason to use a brandable domain name is that your site will be built around it. Everything from the title and logo to header and additional graphics. A good, and highly brandable, domain name will be something catchy that people can remember. Look at Google, for example, this word means nothing yet all of their graphics and their company name is built around it. It is so brandable that the word google is actually a commonly used verb now. This is what you are shooting for. A brandable domain name should be catchy and also easy to remember. It should be unique and as short as possible. If you want to have any success it is important to come up with a domain name which you can build your entire website around. Be creative, it is important

Hopefully now you understand the importance of a brandable domain name. Remember, make it something that your viewers can easily keep in their mind, make it creative, make it something that you can design your website around and also keep it short and simple.

Pierre Zarokian is an expert in digital marking, SEO, social media marketing and online reputation management.  Follow Pierre Zarokian on Tumblr and read more of his articles  there.

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